Pearl care

Pearls are one of few organic gems. Therefore it is considered a "living" stone and requires special care. Pearls predominantly consist of calcium carbonate (90%), and the rest is an admixture of equal parts of water and the organics (conchiolin). Over time, organic matter dries out and decomposes. Properly treated pearls will preserve their beauty for a century.


To preserve the beauty of the jewellery made ​​of pearls for years to come, you need to follow a few simple rules:


  1. Necklaces and bracelets from Nasonpearl have a strong silk thread and pearls are knotted separately to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Once a year, Nasonpearl provides a free service to restringing the necklace or the bracelet and tie new knots.
  2. Do not clean pearls with chemical substances. If the pearl has lost its lustre, rinse it in clean water, then wipe with a special cloth.
  3. Store pearls separately from metal objects, place a saucer of water near the jewel for pearls to absorb moisture.
  4. For pearls not to lose their lustre, wear them more often.
  5. Do not wear pearls in the sauna, in the bath, or in the pool.
  6. Avoid contact of pearls with perfume, oils, or deodorants.
  7. Do not forget that pearls are created by living beings, value them and store their “child” - a precious pearl – carefully.